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Reasons to choose us?

Autorod’s experience of over 20 years, is an evidence of their expertise and strong commitment to their client in international auto trading business. At Autorod, you will find the best pricing model due to our alliances with the best vendors in the industry.

Our competitive edge

Autorod ensures commitment in all aspects of business operations to maximize customer satisfaction.


Autorod practices high compliance of import regulations and policies and practice high ethical standards.

100% Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a prime concern at Autorod which is achieved through best quality products and services.

Vast Inventory

Best condition Japanese cars are available under one roof at Autorod for the customers living in different regions of the world.

Affordable Prices

Autorod focuses on best pricing models offering affordable FOB prices, minimal ocean freights without any hidden charges.

Quality Control

Special inspection bodies at our shipyard ensure top quality vehicles by vehicle grading.

Strategic Yard Locations

Autorod possesses different shipyards strategically positioned to provide easy access and control on its operations in Japan.

Autorod's quality Inspection

Quality is not compromised at Autorod. We diligently fix all the damages and reduce risks associated with the cars to be exported.


Detailed pre-inspection is conducted efficiently of each and every part of the desired cars for quality control and assurance.

  • Inclusive assessment
  • Inspection reports
  • Detailed study

Engine/Chassis cleaning

Every car is taken to the ramp at the shipyard, where engine bay and chassis cleaning takes place before shipping the vehicle on board.

  • Removing dust and crud
  • Complete steam cleaning
  • Applying engine degreaser

Maintenance strategy

Maintenance jobs are also taken care of, at Autorod by our experts which include basic reconditioning and oiling of the car. Our team carefully examines.

  • Changing breaks
  • Engine oil
  • Tires or battery replacement

Seat cleaning

Autorod focuses keenly on the interior cleaning. Our experienced maintenance team ensures proper seat cleaning, leaving them free of stains and with fresh fragrance.

  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Cleaning of seat fabric
  • Cleaning of foot mats

Tire condition

Best quality tires are installed after accurate inspection of each vehicle before exporting it to the desired country. Inspection of the following is done

  • Cracks and damages
  • Tire depth
  • Wheel nuts and bolts