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Frequently asked questions

About Autorod

Is Autorod reliable enough to purchase Japanese vehicles from?

Autorod has been in the Japanese vehicle export business since 1994 which guarantees our reliability in the market.

Where is the head office of Autorod located?

Autorod’s Head Office is located in Tokyo. Click here to view complete address details.

How to purchase a car from Autorod?

Just get yourself registered at our website for free and buy a car from us.

What types of vehicles do you deal in?

We deal in all types and brands of used Japanese vehicles.

Are the vehicles sold through auction or stock?

We sell vehicles through auction and stock both.

Who will answer my questions regarding any issue?

You can call anytime at our number or can drop an email and our support staff would assist you 24/7.

Any criteria to become a registered member of Autorod?

Anyone around the globe who is interested to buy a Japanese vehicle can register at our website and can become a valuable member to buy his/her desired car.

Any membership fee required?

You can sign up for free to become a member, there is no membership fee or hidden charges.

What languages you do business in?

English is our primary language of business but there is a possibility to communicate our business in other languages as well.

How can I see the condition of the vehicle?

There are a number of pictures available of a particular vehicle on our website, which helps you in buying.

Can you install other parts in the car such as audio system and alloy rims etc?

Yes, Autorod can facilitate you with the reconditioning you want in your car which would change the price of the car accordingly.

Will I get the same car that I selected on the website?

Yes, the same car will be delivered which can be verified through the chassis number.

Will the vehicle to be imported is certified according to the custom requirements of my country?

If export inspection (JEVIC/ JAAI etc.) is required at your country due to the import regulation, the inspection type & requirement must be implied from the buyer before the export.

Auction Process

What is the complete process of buying a car from auction?

Once the details of your desired car are shared with us, you will be asked to pay the initial deposit. After the payment is received, our team will start searching for the vehicle that matches your requested specifications. We will bid and win the car for you after your approval.

What is meant by Auction Grading System?

All vehicles sold at auction are given a general grade by the independent auction engineers that scrutinize them. These grades can range from 0 to 9 but most auctions only use 0 to 5. The grade is mentioned either on the top left or top right corner of the auction sheet.

Is the car inspected before bidding by your team?

Yes, the car is examined completely by a professional and once satisfied, the bid on your selected vehicle is placed.

Who takes care of getting my car ready for export and shipping it?

We will prepare your vehicle for export to any port of your choosing and will handle all the booking and shipping process from Japan. Depending on your country and method of shipping, costs for transport will be confirmed.

Will I get the complete information about the vehicle I am buying?

Yes, complete and thorough information will be provided by our customer support team along with translated auction sheet.

Stock Process

How often is the stock updated at Autorod?

Our stock is updated on daily basis.

What is the process of buying the vehicles through stock?

To know the entire buying process of used vehicles via stock, click here to visit our How to Order page.

Is the manufacturing year of the vehicle mentioned in the information?

Yes, if the information of the manufactured vehicle is available, the manufacturing year is mentioned. However, we cannot guarantee that this information will be present for every vehicle as the manufacturing year is provided by the third party.

If any car is not available in the stock, can it still be requested?

If your requested car is not available in the stock our customer support agents will make every possible effort to provide you the best suitable car as per your requirement.

Is there an English manual with the vehicle?

We mostly sell used Japanese vehicles, therefore the manual would be in Japanese.

Can I visit your warehouse physically to see the vehicle?

Visit to the warehouse is not possible due to security concerns.

Regarding Shipment

When will the car be shipped?

Your car is sent for shipment as soon as you make the first payment based on the payment terms.

When are documents shipped?

We send the documents via courier services as soon as the car is shipped. The arrival of the documents at the customer’s end is solely dependent on the courier service. However, the customer will be informed about the estimated receiving time.

What are the documents that are shipped?

Following documents are sent to the customer:

  • Export Certificate
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Final Invoice
  • Marine Insurance (if required)
Are the customers informed about the shipment process?

Yes, Autorod regularly informs and updates the clients about the shipment of vehicle and dispatching of documents.

Is there any requirement for pre-export inspection?

It is necessary to acquire all pre-export inspection list by visiting concerned government bodies to make pre-export inspection of the car.

Regarding Payment

What are the possible payment terms for my car?

You can either make the full payment or a partial payment, depending upon the terms you agreed before purchasing.

Which currencies are accepted for the payment?

We accept both Japanese Yen and US Dollars.

What is the acceptable mode of payment?

The mode of payment will be based on the options available in your country. For further details you can contact our support agents.

Where can I transfer my money to buy a car?

You can easily transfer funds to the Autorod’s bank account. Click here to view full bank details.

What does your agent’s fee include?

Our fee includes auction fee, Japanese de-registration fee, mandatory recycling fee, preparing export documentation, in-land transportation, and handling charges related to bringing the vehicle into approval for export.

How much does shipping a car to my country cost, and what are my options?

Depending on your country of residence, shipping may be done by container, or by “RORO”. We can explain your best options prior to purchase.

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