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High Quality Used Japanese Vehicles

To Mauritius From Japan
Autorod Offers

Lowest Priced Used Japanese Cars

In Mauritius

We bring you an extensive range of vehicles within your budget.

Delivering High Quality

JAAI & JUMVEA Certified Vehicles

In Mauritius

Autorod focuses on delivering only high quality and regionally certified vehicles.

Autorod Follows

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

That Ensure Top Quality Standards

We have a proven track record for providing the best quality vehicles to Mauritius.

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The Fastest Vehicle Shipping

To Mauritius

We value your time and focus on providing fast and reliable shipping.



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Why is Autorod Preferred By Customers in Mauritius?

  • Largest Used Cars Stock Our vast inventory allows
    the customers to choose
    from a variety of used
    Japanese vehicles.
  • Quick and
    Safe Shipments
    We provide fastest
    shipments globally through
    our collaboration with top
    shipping companies.
  • Best Price Guarantee No hidden charges. Our
    customers always get the
    lowest priced vehicles
    when they buy through us.
  • Maintenance & Customization We provide maintenance &
    customization services to our
    customers including but
    not limited to oil change,
    & Paint booth facility.

Auction at Autorod

Get your desired car at the lowest prices, directly from
leading auction houses in Japan!

Autorod Collaborates with renowned Japanese Auction Houses to deliver the top
quality vehicles at your door step.

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Custom Requirements for Importing Used Cars in Mauritius

  • Manufacture Year Restriction:
    Only vehicles 18 months to 4 years old can be imported.
  • Inspection:
    JAAI inspection and JUMVEA Certification of auction sheet is required.
  • Steering Side:
    Only right hand drive vehicles are allowed to be driven in Mauritius.
  • Duties and Taxes:
  • 15% Value Added Tax (VAT) is applicable
  • Excise Duty varies depending upon the engine displacement of the vehicle

  • For cars with engine cc of less than 550 cc: 15%
  • For cars with engine cc between 550cc and 1600cc: 55%
  • For cars with engine cc between 1601cc and 2000cc: 75%
  • For cars with engine cc of more than 2000cc: 100%
  • For vans with engine cc up to 1600cc: 55%
  • For vans with engine cc of more than 1600cc: 100%
Note: All the above mentioned percentages are applicable on the CIF value. Import duty is calculated on the basis of make, model, engine size and country of origin of the vehicle.

Required Documents:
  • Import Permit
  • Bill of Lading
  • Bill of Entry
  • Commercial invoice
  • Insurance Certificate (If Required)
  • Inspection Certificate (If Required)
  • De-Registration Certificate Copy
  • Certificate of Origin
Import Restrictions:

Mauritius Revenue Authority has implied a regulation restricting the import of used tyres of automobiles, the law extends to motor cars, vans, pickups, SUVs buses and other vehicles. Import of vehicles with only brand new tyres is allowed, vehicles with used tyres are only allowed in case the tyres depth is at least 6mm.
Used vehicles with new tyre replacements can be imported. Importers not meeting the guidelines will have a fine imposed on them. Fine is applied per tyre, ranging from GUY$10,000 for cars, vans and mini-bus, and GUY$15,000 for pickups and SUVs.
In case no tyre replacement is required, an amount will be deducted for the cost of non-replacing tyres.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I confirm that I have received the same vehicle that I was shown?

You can identify the vehicle by its chassis number.

How can I learn in detail about the condition of the vehicle?

We will provide you with detailed pictures of the vehicle taken from different angles along with translated auction sheet so you can judge the condition properly.

What should I do when I want to buy a vehicle I saw on your website?

Register on the website, select the vehicle of your choice, fill out the form on the vehicle detail page and click “inquire now”. Our agent will get in touch with you and guide you through the process.

What are the additional or hidden costs that I have to pay?

There are no hidden or additional costs to be paid to Autorod. But, you have to pay the duties and taxes to the government of your country as per the regulations.

What is the shipping time from Japan to Mauritius?

Approximately 4-6 weeks through RORO.

What are the rules for importing a used vehicle from Japan in Mauritius?

To find out about all import regulations of your country including inspections, licenses and taxes, visit the custom requirements section of your country page on our website. Use the link provided below: Custom Requirements for Importing Used Cars in Mauritius

Customer Reviews

July 28, 2018
Toyota Corolla Axio

I would like to thank Autorod for helping me find the car of my dreams. This was the first time I bought a car through Autorod and they provided with a wonderful car with an eye catching interior.

Elia Garrioch
July 24, 2018
AWT Motors

The team of Autorod is highly professional and cooperative. They have continued to provide us with quality cars along with exceptional services. We look forward to doing business with them and benefit from their services.

July 23, 2018
NIM Traders

My company NIM Traders regularly import used cars through Autorod in Mauritius. They offer us various discounts and value added services along with making all the processes related to shipping & documentation very easy for us.