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Autorod Launches Safe & Cost Effective Shipment to Destinations around the World

Autorod has solidified its mark as one of the leading used auto trading companies in Japan and all around the world. The company has been in the news lately for making strategic alliances and partnerships with shipping lines, vendors and importers.

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Autorod Partners with Kuruma Kensa for Verified Vehicles

Since the initial quarter of the current year, Autorod has introduced new operations, systems and deals to make buying process easy for its clientele. Last month, the company has made big in to the news as Kuruma Kensa joins hands with Autorod.

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Autorod Now Rewarding Its Customers with Free Vehicles

Autorod, a reputed auto trading house from Japan, has recently made big announcement in the press conference held at Japan’s headquarters. According to the announcement made by the CEO of the company, the customers can now win a free vehicle on purchase of used vehicles from Autorod.

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Autorod introduces Flexi Payment Plans on Vehicles Buying

Autorod has made company’s biggest announcement of 2020. The auto trade company has now introduced flexi payment plans for its customers. The announcement was made by CEO, Autorod in a recent press conference.

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Autorod Launches Most Efficient Shipping Methods for Vehicles

In a recent press conference, COO Autorod announced that the company will now provide the most economical and fastest shipping of vehicles from major ports of Japan to different destinations around the world.

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About Autorod

Autorod provides used car dealers and importers around the world with most economical and convenient solutions of importing used vehicles from Japan. Autorod inventory has more than 112K vehicles in different categories. Customers can purchase directly from auction houses through Autorod without having the need to participate in auctions.

Autorod’s partnership with the leading auction houses across Japan gives the company the edge in maintaining an updated vehicle stock. Autorod purchases vehicles in bulk quantities and also bid on customer’s behalf in auction houses for vehicles which are not in the company’s inventory. However, the customers steer clear of the hassles and all they have to do is select, order and make payment for vehicle.