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Renewal of Venue POS Seat Terminal, Introduction of Multi-Purpose Terminal in All Seats

JUn 12, 2018


On 5th June, "Customer Thanksgiving Day AA" was held by Gifu (Hashima-shi, Gifu Prefecture, President Toshiyuki Nagaya) held. On this day, 1892 exhibitions, 1139 contracts, a contract rate of 60.2%, and a unit price of 288,000 yen was recorded. It was indeed a thriving exhibition as it exceeded the last year's holding for all items.

For the purpose of improving the satisfaction of the members this fiscal year, we are actively developing infrastructure at the same venue. Following the full refurbishment of the dining room in May, we have also renewed the POS seat terminal of the venue, and from now on we have introduced multipurpose terminals that are capable of handling bid tickets and stock one price at all seats. Not only this, we have also started providing morning service.

At the interview site Takashi Oku said, "By introducing multipurpose terminals, we can offer the same service to all members who visited us”. He further added that “I would like to implement further infrastructure development in order to improve and enhance the satisfaction level".

At the event, we awarded at least one auction for exhibition or bidding for all corners, and also made the absence application fee free.

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