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Quality control & assurance

Autorod has developed and implemented the most organized and planned activities within their quality system to guarantee quality control and assurance at each and every stage of automobile export to our valuable clients. We make sure that the car we are exporting is defect free in order to build customer satisfaction and confidence along with increasing Autorod’s credibility in the market.

Smooth Tracking

Autorod ensures customer service excellence through hassle-free tracking that leads to our customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

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Car Inspection

Safety and protection are guaranteed at Autorod. We hire highly-qualified professionals to inspect vehicles prior to the selling.

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Vehicle Grading System

Aiming to export top notch quality vehicles, we perform proper quality checks of the car through Japanese vehicle grading system.

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Workshop Facility

Autorod has highly competent workshop facilities which assure that our stock of vehicles is comprised of error-free and flawless vehicles.

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Yard Services

To make shipment efficient, we have optimum location of yards all over Japan to offer feasible access and top-notch control.

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IT Support

Customer satisfaction is a prime concern at Autorod, we ensure that our IT support team works round the clock, to provide instant upkeep.

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Container Loading

To prevent any sort of potential damages to your car during the transit, we provide shipping services through standard sized containers.

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Yard Network

Autorod is dedicated to provide its customers with fast and affordable shipment; which is why we have positioned our yards strategically.

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Custom Approval

Autorod abides with the high quality standards and import policies while providing buyers with efficient and trouble-free documentation.

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