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terms of service

Applicability of Terms and Conditions

Autorod here -describes the set of rules and regulations (terms and conditions), for the concerned entities using company’s internet sales service for used vehicles and other amenities.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are applicable on both the company and the customer. It would be taken as an affirmation by the customer, in case of no response towards the change in terms notified by the company.

If any amendments have been made to the terms, the customers will be instantly notified by the company.


Customers are notified through Electronic-mail, however, general posting on website or by using other methods of communication regarded as appropriate by the company, are also used to do so.

When notification is delivered, it is considered that the email is sent to the users’ e-mail addresses.

Requirements for Using the Service

Managing equipment is the user’s responsibility; it includes all the necessary tools, for instance, communication equipment, software, internet access, etc.

Information Supplement

The customer should notify the company immediately in case of any changes in name, address, telephone number, etc. given to the company at time of registration. The company will not be responsible for any loss caused by the misinformation by the user. Even if the notifications are returned back, the company will use the same provided information by the user himself/herself. Once the notification has been delivered, detail contained in the notification is instantly operational.


For obtaining this service the following restrictions apply on the user:

  • The user cannot intrude in the service providers or the company’s rights or actions.
  • The user cannot possess such actions which interfere in the company’s privacy or actions.
  • Actions which can cause any damage or loss to the company are considered as threat to the company.
  • No user can transfer rights to other entities.
  • No service user can cause damage to the company’s image or of other entity.
  • Ways which are immoral and against the company’s code of conduct are considered as violation.
  • No user can disguise the information of the company or other entity though using the service.
  • User shall not use any unlawful action or action which might lead to unlawful situations.
  • If any clash occurs between the company and the user, the concerned parties have to agree to resolve the issue through discussion

Users are not allowed to disclose any information of any sort without the consent of the copyright holder. It is also not allowed to give permission to any other entity to use the information. Any information which is to be shared is subject to be approved by the authority concerned. If any conflict arises from this specific condition, the user is solely responsible for it.

Requesting an Estimate

For requesting an estimate either for used or other vehicles, firstly, the user should provide the necessary information to the company (name, address, contact number, e-mail address etc.). It will take three business working days to process the request and be delivered to the customer through any appropriate means of communication.

Conclusion of Contract

The user is responsible to pay for the goods and provide the complete information as required by the company. The contract is concluded after the transfer of payable to the company’s account. The confirmation of payment received is notified through E-mail or other communication means considered by company. Users are solely responsible for the terms and conditions of import of their respective countries, likewise they are also responsible for paying the duties applicable in their concerned countries. Users are also required to take serious actions to abide by the import restrictions imposed by the country concerned.

Termination of Contract

The company has all the rights to cancel/discontinue the contract if any restrictions occur in the respective country of the customer due to import’s rule and regulations. Moreover, the payment that company has received is non-transferable or non-refundable. Any other charges like bank service charges and incurring transactions are to be paid by the user.

Shipping and delivery Hindrances

After all the necessary paperwork i.e.; customs, shipping arrangements is done, the client is punctually going to be informed of all the shipping details. Delivery time may change due to circumstances like fire, war, storm, heavy rainfall, industrial disputes, extensive military mobilization, insurrection, requisition, seizure, embargo, restrictions in the use of power and defects or delays in deliveries by the subcontractors and which are beyond the control of the Autorod and their shipping partners.

Transfer of Property Rights on Goods
  • The arrangement of the transfer of property rights regarding the company and the client is managed by the International Commercial Terms (incoterms) endorsed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), as noted on the estimate when the contract is concluded. The legal possession of goods which have been bought under the F.O.B quote is transmitted when they have successfully passed the ship’s railing. However, in the case of goods which have been purchased under C&I, CIF, and CFR terms, the possession is transferred when goods pass the ships railing as long as the shipping documents have been issued actively. In other situations, the transfer timing is selected by both the client and company based on individual conditions.
  • If both the company and client agree to the conditions on top of the above mentioned points, the agreement can take precedence.
Transfer of Risk

Meanwhile, the contract is getting concluded, the ICC’ incoterms applied to the transfer of risk on goods between both the client and the company.

Limitation of product liability and defect

The company will not grant any returns on the good or property that have been sold and transferred.

Protect user information

As mentioned in the privacy policy company will not divulge the personal information of the customer unless customer allows the company to unveil their limited personal information or if the revelation of information is necessary or legally required.

Agreement on Jurisdiction

If any clash occurs between the company and the user, the concerned parties should agree to resolve the conflict through a discussion. If the clash still remains unsolved after talks have been held, then it shall be regulated as per the laws of Japan or those observed at the port of their respective country.


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