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terms of trade

Trading terms and conditions

By accessing or using Autorod, you stand and agree by the terms and conditions that are given below.

About Autorod

Autorod does car trading of Japanese used cars by sharing the vehicle’s information, price, pictures and enabling only the holder of an account to place order for the vehicle that is to be exported from Japan. Autorod doesn’t provide any warranty that is related to the vehicles certified by JEVIC inspection. We take into consideration the shipment of certified vehicles as our final product.

Account Holders

1. Autorod ID account holders must concur with the terms and conditions of Autorod once starting the way towards putting in an order.

  • Modifying, circulating or distributing any Material including Invoice, Bill of Lading (BL), JEVIC Certificate, and Export Certificate.
  • Use or endeavor to utilize any Material distributed on Autorod to make any site or production or accessible database; mirror or casing any site or page inside the Autorod.
  • Use any computerized procedure of any kind to question, scrape, retrieve, access and mining of data or duplicate any Material on Autorod or produce or gather any account, list or database in light of the Material distributed on the Autorod.
  • Transfer or offer any data, usefulness or items or administrations offered on the Autorod.
  • Undertake whatever other activity which is disregarding these terms and conditions (or different terms and conditions and arrangements alluded to in these terms and conditions) or any pertinent law.

2. Otherwise, Autorod may end your entitlement to access and utilize Autorod whenever the company requires

You yourself are responsible for sharing your account details with any third-party. So, once the account credentials are shared with you, it should not be shared with any unauthorized person.

Payment and Cancellation Terms
1. Payment

Clients (Account Holders) are required to pay the concurred cost to Autorod for vehicles at the very latest the concurred due date, which should be 7 days from issuance of receipt unless told generally. Time for installment is of the essence.

In the event that account holders take store first alternative as concurred with Autorod, an initial deposit is required from clients (Account Holders) in 7 days of receipt issuance. Clients (Account Holders) are exclusively capable to guarantee that adjust must be paid 2 weeks before the entry of the vehicle to the port. In the event that the account holders select to scratch off the Agreement, they will be obliged to pay a cancelation charge of 10% of the concurred CNF cost.

On the off chance that the entire sum chose is not received via Autorod in seven days of the receipt issuance, Autorod is qualified for:

1. Charge cancelation expense from account holder on any unpaid totals.

2. Suspend all archives, including without confinement, the Services gave to Autorod according to any concurrence with Autorod until the point when such time when full payment is done.

All installments are payable to Autorod unless told generally. Autorod claims all authority to choose the measure of any credit reached out to customers (Account Holders) in its sole tact and Autorod is qualified for pull back credit offices from customers (Account Holders) whenever.

All installments prepared to Autorod in c/o of customers will be considered as cash accounted to customers concerning the earlier correspondence amongst customers and delights by means of telephone or email.

2. Cancellation Terms

Clients (Account Holders) might be qualified for wipe out a unit by pulling out in email or phone to Autorod. Cancelation charges might happen past 5 days after shipment of a unit.

Autorod might be qualified for reminding the Agents/Customers(Account Holders) on the installment by giving of notice by phone, fax, email to the Agents/Customers(Account Holders) and further, reserves the privilege in its sole prudence to decline to deal any vehicle or give any service where:

Autorod has sensible reason for trusting that the Agents/Customers (Account Holders) is in the break of the Agreement;

The Agents/Customers (Account Holders) stops, or undermines to stop, to bear on its business;

The Agents/Customers (Account Holders) become insolvent.

Subject to statement, Autorod should be qualified for dropping the unit, wipe out the vehicle or potentially cost down the vehicle cost by pulling out as per this provision. The Agents/Customers (Account Holders) should phone Autorod to inform them that they are planning to wipe out the unit, wipe out all or any of the services and additionally arrange the cost.

The Agents/Customers (Account Holders) are exclusively in charge of guaranteeing that Autorod gets any notice of cancelation regarding this agreement.

In the occasion the Agents/Customers (Account Holders) breaks installment terms and additionally where the Agents/Customers (Account Holders) has picked the deposit-first option and the deposit-first fund are inadequate to cover Autorod gathered aggregate of Charges, Autorod should be qualified for serve a formal notice of cancelation of the record on email permitting the Agents/Customers (Account Holders) 7 days to cure any such break as well as lacking assets. This is without partiality to any beforehand collected rights alluded hereto.

Autorod might be qualified for cancelling a unit and additionally the arrangement of any service whenever on 3 days' notice to the Agents/Customers (Account Holders) for comfort, or quickly on the giving of notice by phone, fax or email to the Agents/Customers (Account Holders) and further saves the privilege in its sole caution to resale the unit to some other gathering.

Autorod should be entitled to cancel out any unit if the party permanently fails to answer to Autorod after warning has happened. Autorod should be qualified for cancelling the unit if the party neglects to clear the dues brought about on the monetary record on the concurred given time of period.