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Rapid shipping to United Arab Emirates

Autorod aims to provide a one window solution to our customers by making in land and sea logistics hassle free. Autorod offers both RORO and containerization shipping method as per the requirements, to ensure quick vehicle shipments in United Arab Emirates.

Ro-Ro shipment or Roll-On/Roll-off shipment involves driving the car onto the shipping vessel. It is a cheaper mode of shipment, i.e. you pay a lesser amount for shipping your car but it takes longer for the shipment to arrive. Whereas, container shipping or containerization is faster but costs more.

It is economical if you are importing cars in bulk. Autorod provides the market competitive prices for shipping. We realize the importance of safety and security of your vehicles, and chooses only the best shipping lines to delivery your vehicles to you.

Autorod transport vehicles internationally by Roll on Roll off and/or Container shipment method to every major port around the world.

Ports in United Arab Emirates

  • Jebel Ali
  • Abu Dhabi Port
  • Port Rashid
  • Sharjah Port

Estimated Timeline

Autorod takes around 8 -10 weeks to ship your vehicle to all major ports in United Arab Emirates .

Vessel Booking 01

After finalizing your vehicle, the first step is vessel booking which takes around 1-2 weeks.

Shipment 02

Vehicle is shipped towards the destination port which takes approximately 7 weeks.

B/L Delivery 03

The bill of lading will take around 2 weeks to be delivered to the customer.

Delivered to Port 04

Vehicle reaches the destination port and is finally delivered to the customer.